We Specialize in Cannon, Flintlock, Matchlock and Muzzle loading guns for your event

We are based on the Wiltshire / Dorset borders.


For centuries cannons have been used for conflicts around the world but also used for:


Saluting ;  

   Wedding , Birthday, Funeral, Formal and Official ceremonies.



 The start of a race  whether it be Sailing or Running.


The explosive flash, the loud bang, the smell of the powder and the plume of  smoke adds to the thrill and puts a smile on the faces of all






Top and middle right;   Field cannon.

Middle left;   Ships deck cannon.

Bottom Left;   Our cannonier in red coat at the Chalke Valley history festival,   (see video).

Bottom right;   English civil war matchlock.




We are experienced Cannoniers  and can attend your event dressed as English civil war characters / Red coats 1720's to 1800's / Pirates, or whatever theme you choose.


This picture shows the happy bride firing the field cannon  under supervision from our cannonier.

( note the brilliant flash coming from the barrel)

 We are fully Insured  with public liability of £10 million and are fully trained and licensed  in the use of gun powder and the  firing of this equipment.


Safety First

If your event is  in a built up area or there are  animals near the location, we will inform the residents and the appropriate authorities.





This video was filmed at the 2017 Chalke Valley History Festival. I would like to thank the organizers and Mr. James Holland for giving permission to use this video.

We are also cannonsmiths and registered firearms dealer (54/00000003442)