Registered Firearms Dealer

Reg No: 54/00000003442 Wiltshire Police

Cannonblast has an Armoury,  engineering and gunsmithing  department.


We make black powder cannon and muzzle loading arms  for our customers and  all are taken to London or Birmingham proof houses for proofing and these can be purchased from us with a current Section  2  shotgun certificate.


We also take on commissions for copies of cannons and muzzle loading guns that are just for ornamental purposes and will not fire and are for display only.


We pride ourselves with the cannon carriages as they are all made in house with selected  English oak from a local sawmill and when we can we use antique wagon /cart wheels, we use Blacksmithing Technics for all the metal work and make our own bolts etc.


The cannons are machined on a lathe by hand and then they are heat treated by using the old skills of blueing the barrel or acid dipping this transforms the  shiny new steel to give it a old patina effect.


Some of our commissions are from customers who have a history in their family of Naval Battles/ Civil war /Waterloo etc  all conflicts from history and commission us to produce a cannon/muzzle loading gun from the period with the family crests painted or brass  inlaid  on to the barrel or carriage using traditional methods.



A Field Gun carriage in the process of being built.

This was a recent commission from the Montagu family for a scaled ships cannon from    HMS Pearl  Admiral George Montagu (service years: 1763 -1815).   from the battle in the Azores where his ship      HMS Pearl captured another ship.

The crest shown was hand painted by our local artist Nancie Rowley.

This picture shows some of the crest in brass work and the blacksmithing skills we do.

Side view of the scaled down HMS Pearl deck cannon .

This is a 1/4 scale at an overall length of 3 feet 3 1/2 inches ( 1000mm)

and is 1 foot 6 inches ( 460mm ) in height .